You must read client lists all the time

So for a change, this one’s in rhyme

So: Barclays, BP, Goldman Sachs, 

Plus Seagram, LBS and SCATS, 

Carillion, HSBC,

Enskilda and the BBC.

There’s Napp and Astra Zeneca,

Plus Henderson and C&A

(to make that rhyme, I think you should

Pronounce it as French Belgians would),

Oh, M&G Prudential - well…

I’ll slip them in by TFL.

The Civil Service, RBS,

Campari and the NHS,

plus Deutsche Bank, CIBC,

and Guildhall University,

BT, Mitsui Babcock too,

plus Reuters and then ((space for you)),

The Prison Service, Ebay, Safh

(That’s “Saff” phonetically); I have,

as well, for Finnish firms a feel,

With Nokia, Neste and M-Real.

I’ve also worked cross-culturally

For Barry Callebaut AG,

and Unilever, Alcatel,

Adecco, Exxon, Hoechst-Roussel,

Platina, Mistral, Schlumberger,

Van Houten, Neles and Swiss Re

(for that’s the purist rhyme) or Re,

To rhyme with WPP.

So who’s left? There's just two, I think:

Ocular Sciences and the Richmond 

Carers’ Centre, whom I’ve left till last 

as they don’t rhyme or scan properly.

"You are not afraid to go off script in the pursuit of addressing a particular need"

Authentic, n. Genuine; authoritative; credible; trustworthy