‘Robobiz’ - a business comedy podcast by Nigel Cassidy and Phil Lowe

Robot reporter ‘Best Buddy’ is deployed to replace humans - recruiting staff, offering financial advice, controlling domestic appliances and providing customer service and companionship. Written, performed and produced by Phil Lowe and Nigel Cassidy, and first broadcast on Share Radio in October 2016.

Available as a podcast from iTunes - or listen through the links below.

Episode 1: The Internet of Things Newly recruited in-house robot ‘Best Buddy’ chills out, trying to use his artificial intelligence to run a domestic network from a fridge.

Episode 2: Banking and Finance Best Buddy’ gives us a sense of how it feels to have a robot popping round to your house to advise you on your finances.

Episode 3: Recruitment  ‘Best Buddy’ How would you fare if you were interviewed by a robot for your next job?

Episode 4: Customer Service  Could a robot replace a human on reception at a busy hotel?

Episode 5: Companionship In BestBuddy’s last appearance, he tests the capacity of a robot to be an effective home help and companion for the elderly.


The Dream Team behind Radio 4’s The Board Game (what do you mean, you never heard it?) are back with a series of investigations for the business radio station Share Radio